Elena Brower: Shake The Dust

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Elena Brower
Thursday, 10:30am 

By Jenny Sansouci

Taking a class led by Elena Brower is like being in a happy dream. Her voice is calming and her words touch you on a soul level. Her class this morning on the first day of Wanderlust set the tone for an inspiring, incredible weekend of yoga!  

This class took place in the Lucy tent where the main stage is, with live music by Garth Stevenson. The focus was "shake the dust," which Elena described as shaking off whatever needs to be shaken, releasing whatever needs to be released, shaking off the dust that covers up possibilities in our lives. That dust could be our own mindset, opinions, or assumptions about life. This morning's yoga practice signified the "gentle beginning of letting go." 

Shaking the dust, physically, included a lot of deep twisting - truly wringing out what no longer serves us. 

Over and over, Elena told us to commit to opening when we want to close. In the smallest moments, she said, notice when we feel like closing - and be as open as possible instead. This goes for yoga class and for life. Listen to our hearts consistently. On a moment by moment basis, this type of practice can transform our lives and allow us to shake the dust. 

One of the coolest things about the class was when Elena announced that we would all be getting painted with tribal paint. Awesome! Amir Magal was walking around the class marking us up with paint as we practiced, so we got to take the memory of the class with us for the rest of the day. An amazing and incredibly rewarding class. I look forward to shaking the dust all weekend long. :) 

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