Partner Studio Profile: Rasamaya

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Rasamaya is one of the premiere movement studios in New England. Rasamaya features yoga, Pilates, barre, aerial yoga, and anatomy classes and offers teacher trainings and retreats. The word Rasamaya® translates from Sanskrit as “fluid." The company focuses its energy around creating a fluid life on and off the mat for the membership and staff. The heart of Rasamaya is in intelligent movement classes and integrated wellness. Everyone in the company believes strongly in educating their students and faculty in self care, structural integrity and holistic lifestyle.

File 12839Rasamaya is strongly rooted in its commitment towards charitable endeavors and works with various local and national organizations. Everyone prides themselves on living by a "pay it forward" mentality: Be good. Do good. Rasamaya  offers opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to experience its services and trainings, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or income level. All Rasamaya studios offer volunteer opportunities in exchange for membership.

As a company Rasamaya is forward thinking, eco-aware and focused on staying ahead of the latest industry trends. The company considers itself a pioneer in the field of movement and innovator in the world of small business. The company is rapidly expanding and is planning on opening more studios in upcoming years. Rasamaya actively seeks partners interested in studio ownership.  The company is proud to have recently been featured on an episode of New Hampshire Chronicle on television and in Pilates Style Magazine. For more information please visit

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