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Posted by admin on 6/14/12 in Uncategorized

People like how yoga makes them feel, both mentally and physically. If only we practiced more (or at all), knew where to take a yoga class, and understood what yoga teachers were talking about, maybe this now fully mainstream activity would finally start to feel a little less intimidating.

Enter alignyo, a free newsletter and website with one simple goal: make yoga more accessible and fun for everyone.

Whether you’re a not-so-bendy newbie hoping to make yoga a regular part of your routine or a downward-dogging devotee looking to elevate your practice, alignyo offers firsthand reviews on local yoga classes, inspirational insights from sought-after teachers, yoga-product reviews, at home-practice recommendations, and yoga-focused nutritional advice. They’re all aimed at helping you begin or deepen your yoga practice, and hopefully result in some meaningful benefits beyond the mat as well.

Celebrate yoga with alignyo’s trusted in-the-know recommendations, insider information and divine inspiration…all rolled out to your inbox.

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