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Kirtan is one of the oldest yoga traditions in the world. It is a call-and-response chanting genre, which helps us connect with ourselves, focus our attention and achieve true harmony between mind, body and spirit.  Being a part of the Yoga of Sound, Kirtan produces sound waves which you follow with your awareness. Think Ommm!

Kirtan Vancouver Events Society (Kirtan Vancouver) is a non-profit, grass-roots organization dedicated to making Vancouverites more aware of how small steps such as breathing, chanting, and Kirtan, "yoga of sound," can bring about large and positive changes in health and wellness. The beauty of the event is that it is run solely by a volunteer board of directors who have dedicated their time and energy with a single vision of making Kirtan mainstream and a daily part of one’s routine. In its first year, 2010, it drew thousands in attendance – affirming that Vancouver was seeking this powerful form of meditation.

770 On August 18th, 2012, Kirtan Vancouver, presented by OrganicLives™, is bringing some of the world’s most beautiful souls and voices to its stage.  The event will be MCd by well-known, local and talented Rekha Sharma with performances by Karnamrita Dasi, Shantala Music, Jeffrey Armstrong, Pete McCormack, Sandra Leigh - Give Peace A Chant, Sparrow, Amir O'Loughlin, DJ A-Slam and AirAnanda featuring Raghunatha Das. Rekha Sharma, Karnamrita Dasi, Shantala Music, Jeffrey Armstrong, Pete McCormack, Sandra Leigh - Give Peace A Chant, Sparrow, DJ A-Slam and AirAnanda featuring Raghunath Das. OrganicLives™ is an organisation dedicated to promoting organic, sustainable, fairly traded food that is good for the body and good for the planet, and a very proud supporter of this event. 

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Food for Life, a non-profit organization that supplies free, nourishing, plant-based meals to the Vancouver downtown east-side homeless and women's shelters and victims of natural or manmade disasters.  Kirtan Vancouver believes that together we can make a small difference in other’s lives, and giving is the foundation to achieving that goal.

You can check out Kirtan Vancouver’s Facebook page to follow their fans, friends and sponsors or learn more about Kirtan Vancouver at  Come share your energy and light with them this August 18th, 2012 at 2nd Beach Stanley Park from 3-9pm!  Just announced: Free yoga in the park at 2pm!


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