A Shakti Bomb & A Bhakti Chai: with Shannon Paige Schneider

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Who do you want to be when you grow up? If someone asked us that today the answer would undoubtedly be Shannon Paige Schneider. Not to say we are at an age that people still ask us that question but just to drive home the point of how inspirational we find this woman. Pre-festival, we had the pleasure of dropping into one of her classes at Om Time; the studio/boutique she founded in Boulder, CO.File 12945 Shannon lead class as though it were a poem; weaving us rhythmically from one pose to the next, she was the painter and we were her brushes creating beautiful art with our bodies. She was specific in her quest aligning the body ever so coolly, challenging in her sequencing building poses gradually, allowing her students to feel empowered and adding a touch of her clever, intelligent wit to keep things light and keep a smile on your face. Her style is Prana Flow based on her experience and background with Shiva Rea and her primary focus is on the joints and the junctures. The next time you find yourself in Boulder drop in for one of her hour-long “Shakti Bomb” classes, if for no other reason than cause it’s the BOMB!  Afterwards we strolled down a rainy Pearl St. for a couple of deliciously warm Bhakti Chai’s and Shannon let us pick her brain... Shannon Paige Schneider in 5 words:

Teacher: Shannon’s passion is “the teaching of the advancing conversation” she loves to teach people who are teaching others. Through her 200 & 300hr. Teacher Training programs she aims to assist advancing teachers in finding and embracing their unique, specific niche. Developing a style that will embody themselves as teachers and create a more meaningful class for students. 

Geek: What does she like to do in her free time? Study. Yes honestly, that is what intrigues her. Drawn to increasing her education and answering the thousands of ‘Whys?’ that are constantly circling around in her head. Some of her ‘must reads’ are: “The Four Desires” by: Rod Stryker and “The Firestarter Sessions” by: Danielle LaPorte

Lover: Things Shannon Loves… Gardening, her beloved husband, unveiling the secrets that lie within mystic poetry, beet burgers, her version of the 1980’s jog or ‘bouncy walk’ with her two dogs, blended green drinks, and the Ozo Peninsula.

File 12951Survivor: her first yoga class ever was a 45 minute yoga class offered to cancer patients, where the teacher took out a yoga book, chose a pose and attempted to instruct it. Shannon is a cancer survivor. Through this process she was able to educate herself, and now others on the benefits of yoga and how flooding the body with oxygen will deplete cancer cells growing inside of us. Her challenges have undoubtedly molded and formed the beautiful warrior she is today.

Student: instead of going back to school Shannon would say she got her Master’s Degree with Shiva Rea. Having the opportunity to travel and assist with Shiva was the pivotal point in Shannon’s yoga career. Shiva showed her yoga in a new light, women teaching women, yoga in which “the breath moves” “the body moves” “love moves”. Shannon experienced how Shiva created a connection with the students and guided them to a place where it was; a beautiful collection of the student’s energy that lead the class. 

What Shannon is looking forward to at Wanderlust Colorado… Reuniting with the tribe, she is so humbled to be teaching with her teachers, so enthusiastic to be surrounded with such wonderful people.

What we are looking forward to at Wanderlust Colorado… Shannon is teaching 4 classes! A Rock Climbing class, a class lead by Shannon & her bestie Nancy Kate, classes focused on her passion ‘the advancing conversation’, and on top of our ‘to-do’ list; a class on Handstands!   



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