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By Nicole Lindstrom

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with incredible and multi-talented musician, Xiren. Xiren Kenny created his alternative rock project Xiren (pronounced seer-in) in Colorado and is an active health conscious yogi. Xiren regularly releases new singles on YouTube and iTunes and has achieved momentum with a growing passionate group of loyal supporters. 

Here is what Xiren had to say:

Nicole: As the main producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist of Xiren, what are your biggest challenges? What are your biggest rewards?
Xiren: Good question…. That’s a lot of meat there! What do you chew off first? It’s all hard. It’s all fun though. Production is definitely one of the harder things I do.  Performing live I love, that to me comes very very naturally. Producing has been years and years of work and I finally feel like right now I am getting into my sweet spot. People are responding to it. So the challenge is… it’s like the old presidential quote, “Sorry this letter is so long, if I had more time it’d be shorter”. You can hear in a good producer, they use less. The two rewards I would say…. I am having a lot of really good response from YouTube right now. That’s maybe the coolest thing that’s ever happened to independent music. It’s the Wild West. In the course of a year and a half I’ve gone from one hundred thousand views to about a half million views on the channel. So now it’s also become a business of filming music videos for other people as well as producing music for other people. That’s a lot of reward. The live stuff, that probably is the biggest reward though. I do a lot of performing on the west coast. I just love it. 

Nicole: How long have you been practicing yoga? What is your favorite pose?
Xiren: I’ve been doing yoga about 10 years. My favorite pose… I kind of gravitate to hero’s pose. I’m a hero’s pose guy. But really, truthfully, any inversion. Human trick stuff.. As a former skateboarder of course you gravitate towards those. 

Nicole: What brought you to Wanderlust? What are you looking forward to most while you are here? What’s next? 
Xiren: I’ve already done what I was most looking forward to. I played with Trevor Tice the owner of Core Power yoga and my wife this morning. I played in her class. That was a lot of fun. They are the ones that brought me here. I came for the Core Power event. We’ve noticed that it’s a really well received class to have live music. But the thing that I’m really looking forward to is tomorrow night, I play a rock and roll show in Denver.

Nicole: Well thank you! Thank you so much for your time and making it to Wanderlust!
Xiren: This is cool. This is my first time here. I think it’s Wanderlust’s first time here too! 

To find out more about Xiren, please check him out at http://xiren.net/ or on YouTube!

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