Wanderlust Colorado | Trevor Tice of CorePower Yoga: Ditching the Dogma

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By Cat Buckley

Unless you’ve been living under a rock surely you’ve heard of CorePower Yoga. It’s the studio that has been sweeping the nation. Urging you to “live an extraordinary life” these state of the art studios embrace you from the moment you walk in the door. The teachers are lovely, intelligent, creative and always have a smile on their face which makes it hard to be mad at them when they’re kicking your ass, in one of CorePower’s signature heated vinyasa classes. CorePower has chosen to ditch the dogma, no religious undertones here. They’ve chosen to keep their heated environment fun, light and welcoming. Offering manageable 60min classes catering people on the go (come to think of it aren’t we all on the go?). Even though the classes are only 60mins the sequences are challenging and aimed to strengthen the whole body. At the end you will have completed your entire work out regime for the day. I swear you will want to kiss the teacher on the way out the door, a wet, sweaty, sloppy kiss at that!   
693 Today we met up with Trevor Tice, founder of CorePower Yoga by day, father to Simba by night. Simba, is a French Bulldog who will probably rank in on the top 5 most adorable things you will see at Wanderlust this year. Trevor has been teaching classes, taking classes and enjoying the reconnection of the entire yoga community that has come together from all over the country, here at Wanderlust, CO. Trevor wakes up at 5am so he can eat, breathe, work & sleep yoga. He is a businessman whose business is yoga. Even though his field is ideal, considering the rapid growth of CorePower, things still get a little frantic from time to time. That’s when the yoga comes in handy, providing alignment, breath awareness, balance and a grounded, peace of mind feeling that Trevor has after his daily practice. Not only that, but it is the only form of exercise he has been able to commit to consistently, because it provides the strength building that he is looking for, he just can’t get enough!     

Coming soon to a city near you… There are currently a whopping 65 CorePower Yoga studios, located in California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington and the newest addition Hawaii for you sun soaking, surf loving yogis. In the works CorePower has plans to open another 10 studios before the end of 2012. So if you live in Austin, Seattle, Boston or Washington DC keep your eyes peeled, your water bottle chilled and your YogiToes packed snugly in your mat bag in preparation. Go on already…get your sweat on!  

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