Wanderlust Vermont | Camping in the Wanderlands

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By Ashlee Green

Campers are a special breed of Wanderluster: They are adventurous, open-minded types, eager to meet new people and hear their stories. They welcome the routine of falling asleep under a shield of stars and waking up naturally from the heat of the early morning sun.

Camping in the Wanderlands Campground led me to immediate connections with other festival-goers: Doug, Ben and Christine were just three of the like-minded yogis who pitched tents around mine. When Christine's tent proved impossible to set up, I let her share mine. When I ran out of Clif bars and instant oatmeal, she offered me her stash of coconut water and Oreos.

Shuttles conveniently ran a regular route between the main festival grounds and the campground and showers were available to use at the Stratton Sports Center. After three nights of camping in the Wanderlands Campground, I am convinced that it is the only way to fully experience the festival!

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