Wanderlust VT | "Hike for Healthy Breasts" with Dr. Marisa Weiss

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By Ashlee Green

Saturday morning's "Hike for Healthy Breasts," led by Dr. Marisa Weiss, helped to clear my head and elevate my intentions for my personal Wanderlust experience. As a yogi and festival goer here, much of my energy is spent racing from one class or show to the next. In doing so, a key aspect that I am passing over is connecting with the beautiful, grounding mountains around me.
672 The short hike started with a gondola ride up the mountain. At the top of it, we walked through the woods to a fire tower which offers views of Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. Dr. Weiss bonded with hikers by answering questions about breast cancer and offering preventative measures women can take against it. 
673 According to Dr. Weiss, women who experience their full term pregnancy are less likely to develop breast cancer. Women who breast feed, too—especially those who do it for up to a year—are also at a decreased risk. But simply taking care of ourselves with regular exercise, said Dr. Weiss, is one of the easiest and most effective measures women can take to keep our breasts and bodies cancer-free. 

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