355 Our Sage (4 day), Seeker (3 day) and Pilgrim (1 day) tickets offer the complete Wanderlust experience -- we think of them as yoga plus tickets.  You can pick three scheduled activities per day (yoga, meditation, Speakeasy talks and more) plus you get access to all music (main stage and late night). You only need to decide how many days you want to attend and what activities to pick. More info can be found in our Ticketing FAQ.  We also offer affordable "music-only" tickets.
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Wanderlust is a family friendly event, so we hope you'll consider bringing your little ones with you. Our Pilgrim (1 day yoga plus tickets) are 50% off for kids age 11 - 16. You can purchase Kid's Pilgrim tickets right through the scheduler. There's no need to schedule for your child -- they will share your yoga schedule.  Kids 10 & under are too young for yoga & other activities, but we offer an amazing kid's program, Wanderkind, for them.

Remember that you are free to roam the festival grounds and attend main stage music without 
any ticket -- you only need a ticket for scheduled activities and late night music.  Whistler is stunningly beautiful, so come and roam through our ambient entertainers, go for a hike, or taste some local & organic delicacies at our Farm to Table Dinner or at Feast in the Mountains. We'll see you there.

If you're looking to book hotel rooms on site, we have a variety of affordable rooms reserved.  Please visit our lodging page for more info.